Bald Eagle Family Feeding

bald eagles on river

Two adult bald eagles and one juvenile eagle make up a family unit. Once the salmon are in the river the eagles come for the easy “pickens”. Like all “wildlife” a free meal is a free meal and the less energy one has to expend the more fat one accumulates.

Grizzly Bear dinning

grizzly eating

The viewing stands we use on Knight Inlet’s Glendale River provide excellent opportunities for photos. The March 25th and 26th postings are from this location as is today’s photo. This grizzly bear is less than 15 meters (yards) from the camera lens as it makes a meal of the salmon it just caught below our viewing platform. This grizzly is sitting on the bottom and enjoying its meal.

Whale watching – Excellent

Humpback breach

…breaching whales. Just because there are more whales breaching does not mean that there are more photos of whales breaching. It is still one of the most difficult pictures to obtain and until they start giving warning of a breach it will remain difficult.

Whale watching – Good

humpback whale lunge

Humpback whale lunge feeding on a school of herring. As the years pass more and more humpback whales are remaining all summer in our viewing area. Ten years ago it was one or maybe two now a dozen whales on a whale watching trip is the norm. More whales increase the opportunity for photos of lunge feeding and…

Killer Whales Moving

orca on the moveThe opposite of yesterdays post is a killer whales going some place. This orca a member of a pod that was passing through Blackfish Sound towards Johnstone Strait (both part of the Inside Passage). The bow wake tells us that this orca was not wasting time as it came toward and passed beneath our boat.

Why guests really come to our Lodge 2 of 2

grizzly fishing

Photo time 8/25/2015 11:11 First day on the grizzly bear viewing stands is August 25 and as yesterdays post shows the first photos are of the salmon because the grizzly bears are not on the river. But 13 minutes later the grizzlies arrive and I remember that it was a good day because Glen reported eighteen grizzlies on his first day at the stands.

Black Bear cubs wait 2 of 2

Black Bear cubs

These first year black bear cubs are not able to scrape the barnacles and muscles off the rocks like their mother so they are waiting for a chance to move off the beach to nurse. But then again this photo was from June 18th which makes them two and a half months younger than the grizzly cubs of yesterdays post and at this age that is a long time.

Grizzly Bear cubs wait 1 of 2

Grizzly cubs waiting for dinner

These two first-year grizzly bear cubs spotted on a morning tour try to stay as dry as possible as they wait for mother to catch them another salmon. It is September 6th and the mother is still quite thin as she has to feed her cubs plus put on enough bulk to survive hibernation. Fortunately she has two months to achieve that goal.