Our Staff

Our crew has been with us for an average of over 10 years.  We have witnessed a huge increase in interest in wildlife viewing over the past years and have been fortunate to see some amazing success stories, with increased numbers of Grizzly Bears and Humpback Whales in our area.  I’m on the left pulling the boat in at the lodge, and my brother cam is on the right at telegraph cove, stretching the legs after a morning of whale watching.

All photos: Rainer Beck, Bornheim, Germany

Close Approach

This is the second photo that Rainer was kind enough to send to us





“VERY close approach, raising our pulse rates”

Seeing a Grizzly Bear on land is an experience that few people ever forget.  There is something special about being on the same level as these amazing animals in a safe, yet very much wild situation.

Rainer Beck, Bornheim, Germany

Grizzly Bear Patiently Waiting at the Falls

Thanks to Rainer and his wife Gabi who sent us a number of wonderful photos from their trip this year.  This one is taken at our river trip, where we were lucky to have some excellent bear sightings this year with lots of Coho salmon making their way upstream over the falls

Amalie in the River, waiting for salmon”




Rainer Beck, Bornheim, Germany


Another Successful Season Comes to an End

Another season has passed and it is time to start putting things away for the winter months.  The grizzly and black bears are putting on last minute calories in preparation for their hibernation and the humpback whales are starting to head for their breeding grounds.  Joe and I towed the dock out of Glendale Cove the other day and were blessed with an absolutely beautiful October day in Knight Inlet.