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Grizzly Bear Lodge And Safari Amenities

sailcones grizzly bear lodgeWe offer you a small comfortable lodge or cottage with friendly people to look after you. Our lodge is located in a prime location in Knight Inlet allowing us easy access to world class Grizzly Bear watching up Knight Inlet and excellent whale watching near the mouth of the inlet and into Johnstone Strait.  Our group sizes are small, creating a personal experience that larger lodges can not offer.  After a full day viewing wildlife our guests all sit down together for dinner and share stories from the day.  Choose your trip from late May through mid October.


sailcones lodgeMinstrel Island, where our lodge is located, is a small island on the edge of Knight Inlet. Not only does it have a colourful history but it is located perfectly for wildlife viewing – in the middle between the Grizzly river, our wild river and Johnstone Straits where the whales reside.  Our lodge is accessible only by float plane or boat.  We fly all of our guests in from Campbell River by float plane.  It is a short (half hour) flight with some great views along the way.See Location Map.


We use safe 17 ft speedboats with 2 motors, VHF radio and retractable cover to get out of the rain. We also use a larger 19 ft speedboat for larger groups and families. We supply you with sufficient equipment with any package that you choose. Boots, Suits, Rain Gear, Cooler Boxes are available at our lodge when needed.  Our guides average over 10 years of experience in the area and with a maximum of 4 guests per boat there is ample opportunity to have all of your questions answered.  All of our boats and crew are Transport Canada certified.

There’s just one thing, Don’t forget your camera! A camera with a zoom lens and LOTS of film or digital storage space will insure that you capture tons of memories!

An adventure in BC’s Knight Inlet, on the Rain Forest Coast, that you will always remember.

Welcome to the wilderness adventure destination of your dreams!

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Orca in a rest line or sleeping

Orca pod resting
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The website “eHow” provides the best explanation of “How Do Killer Whales Sleep?”“Like dolphins, killer whales are voluntary breathers, meaning their breathing is not automatic like it is for humans. Instead, they must consciously rise to the surface and breathe. This makes sleeping for them much different than it is for other animals. Studies on dolphins and beluga whales have shown that they sleep by shutting down only one hemisphere of the brain at a time, thereby allowing them to both rest and have control over their breathing. It is thought that killer whales, being closely related to dolphins, do the same thing. Resting behaviors differ depending on whether the killer whale is by itself or part of a pod. If it is alone, it will rest by staying near the surface, with dorsal fin, blowhole and part of the head out of the water. Usually this only lasts for a few minutes at a time, but there have been reports of killer whales resting this way for up to eight hours.Killer whales in pods sleep differently. The pod will form a tight circle, and their breathing and movements will synchronize. They take several breaths at the surface, and then submerge for a period of time before surfacing again. The time spent submerged increases as the “sleep” becomes deeper, and they may take up to ten breaths near the surface before submerging for as long as ten minutes. Pods resting like this will avoid boats and contact with other animals during this process. It is thought that this kind of group resting may strengthen the animals’ bond and cohesiveness as a unit.”

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