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Grizzly Bear “Roy”

Roy is a male Grizzly Bear that we have commonly been seeing on our river trips.  It is very rewarding to recognize certain bears and watch their behaviour over a season, or several seasons for that matter.  Roy got his fair share of salmon and was looking fat and healthy by the end of the season.  All set for a good six months of hibernation.

Orca Behaviour Pt2

As mentioned yesterday the behaviour of the orca varies day to day and is highly advanced.  This whale is “spy hopping”.  What the whale is basically doing is having a look at what is happening above the water line.  Orca have advanced echolocation “sonar” abilities, which allows them to detect objects and animals underwater with pinpoint accuracy.  They also like to check out what is happing above them as this orca is demonstrating.

Orca Behaviour Pt1

Orca are highly intelligent and incredibly sociable animals.  There behaviour varies day to day.  They are often travelling, foraging and resting, but they do take time for play and socializing as well.  This whale is basically standing on his head and doing a little bit of “tail lobbing”.

Close Up Humpback Fluke

This is a very close up view of a Humpback Whale fluke (tail).  This particular whale is known as “Domino”.  You can identify the whale by the unique shape and colorations on the backside of the fluke.  Domino has been coming back to our area for several years and we look forward to seeing his return next spring.

Peek-A-Boo Grizzly Bear Waiting for Salmon

This particular Grizzly Bear was seen on our river trip and utilized the same spot for several weeks.  He was almost always there, although at times partially obscured by the large rocks at the bottom of the waterfall.  This spot was, however productive as the Grizzly would wait for salmon to leap the small falls and intercept them before they make it to the top and to the safety of the deeper water.  Patience is a virtue

Glassy Calm Whale Watching in Blackfish Sound

On the coast the weather can at times be unpredictable.  That being said in the summer and fall we are often very lucky with our weather and often do not get a lot of rain until October.  Our waters are protected from the open ocean, so although it can get a bit choppy at times we do not receive the big swells that trigger seasickness.  This is a beautiful evening in October (after the end of the season) watching a number of resident Orca move through Blackfish Sound, into Johnstone Strait.

“Fluke” Shot

Some of our guests were very lucky to have a great phot opportunity with this Humpback Whale on a beautiful morning in Blackfish Sound.  These whales frequent our waters during our season to feed on krill and small fish, such as herring.  I hope they managed a good picture.