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Some Grizzly Bears are Patient

Grizzly Bears all seem to have their own fishing style.  Often the larger, more mature bears are far more patient opting to let the calories come to them rather then run around burning calories in hopes of maybe catching a salmon.  This bear sat for two hours picking off the occasional pink salmon as it swam by.  Initially just due to the bears size we assumed it was a male.  After a “better look”, however we discovered that this is in fact a very healthy female Grizzly.


grizzly waiting



Grizzly Bear Viewing Platforms

This is the Grizzly Bear viewing platform that we use from August 25 until the end of the season.  The maximum number of guests we are allowed to have in the platform is 5 and during our time it will only be guests from our lodge.  People have plenty of space to get some great views and photos of the bears as they look for salmon.  The viewing in this area is well managed, limiting the number of people and the times that we can view.  This allows guests to have great experiences viewing the bears, but also creates low stress levels for the bears as they go about their business.


The Views at Sailcone Pt1

We are blessed with both great wildlife opportunities and some great scenery.  On the four night trip you get to go to the Kakweiken River and visit Trapper Rick’s cabin.  This is his view from the deck, complete with “Andy” the bear.

view at ricks

Black Bear Climbing Skills

Black Bears are often seen in our area and are excellent climbers.  Unlike the Grizzly Bears they have short, sharp claws and can easily climb tress and move over harsh steep terrain.  This bear was spotted on the way up Knight Inlet on a steep rock face overlooking the water.

Curious Harbour Seal

Harbour Seals are a very common sight on all of our trips.  We often take them for granted, because there are so many of them in the area.  They feed on various fish, but herring and salmon make up the bulk of their diet.  Thanks to Felix for the great picture


Stellar Sea Lions

Stellar Sea Lions are often seen on out tours and are common in large numbers from late August until the end of our season.  Stellar Sea Lions are creatures of habit and will use the same rocks to haul out on year after year.  Stellar Sea Lions do not migrate, but they do move throughout the season from resting, feeding and mating(rookery) areas.  They eat a variety of fish, but can often be seen feeding on migrating salmon that pass through Blackfish Sound, where we spend a lot of time whale watching.

Humpback Flipper

Humpback whales are extremely manoeuvrable and often quite acrobatic.  The reason for this is their long flippers.  Humpback Whales have longer flippers then any other animal. They also have large bumps  on their flippers called tubercles.  These tubercles act like rudders, creating turbulence and reducing drag.   Thanks to Annette for the photo

Delivery Day

Our lodge is located in a remote area of Knight Inlet and is only accessible by float plane or boat.  Many guests ask me how we get out supplies in.  A lot of it is brought in by boat or plane, but larger items and fuel is delivered once a month by barge.  The barge is able to pull right on to the beach and unload.