Grizzly Watching

Grizzly Bears are magnificent and the biggest reason visitors choose our lodge!

Grizzly bears thrive here and the viewing opportunities are spectacular. We have operated our Grizzly Bear Lodge for decades and know the prime spots for bear watching. The ultimate grizzly bear photo opportunities.

Grizzly Bear Fishing Techniques

Salmon Escaped

The grizzly tours from our resort on Knight Inlet, in the fall, travel to a small river up the inlet where the salmon are spawning.  The abundance of salmon in the area attracts grizzly from a wide area along the BC coast it is estimated that between 40 and 50 grizzlies come to this area for the salmon.  The bears have a short time to fatten before hibernation so catching technique is important. Looking under the belly of this grizzly one can see that salmon do escape and even though this grizzly does not appear to have the best technique it proceed to catch and eat several salmon while we were in the viewing stands.



Perspective 2 of 2

Grizzly Bears Beneath stands

The same two grizzly bears in yesterday’s post passed directly beneath the viewing stands. Again my camera does not show a true distance, as these two bears were less than 4 meters (12 feet) from the lens. I missed the photo when one of the bears stood on its hind legs and most of the guests complained that they had on the wrong lens.



Dolphins at a Distance

dolphins in Knight Inlet BC

When first noticing the white water created by a pod of pacific white-sided dolphins guest have a hard time wondering why we are changing directions suddenly. As we approach closer as in the above photo the cameras suddenly become very active. As with killer whales the “Whale Watching Guidelines” request that we do not approach closer than 100 meters (yards) but the dolphins seem to have their own ideas as will be shown in tomorrows post….

Black Bear Floating High

black bears swim between islands

If this was a picture from the spring there would not be much more than the bear’s head out of the water. As the season progresses and the bears put on more fat more of their back appears. Our viewing area is comprised of many islands so it is not unusual to find bears moving between islands.

Another Successful Season Comes to an End

Another season has passed and it is time to start putting things away for the winter months.  The grizzly and black bears are putting on last minute calories in preparation for their hibernation and the humpback whales are starting to head for their breeding grounds.  Joe and I towed the dock out of Glendale Cove the other day and were blessed with an absolutely beautiful October day in Knight Inlet.

Grizzly Family

grizzly bear familyThis is to be a grizzly bear family that is together for it’s third summer. It is one of the cubs that caught the salmon the mother is on the right. Not sure what has her interest as we were sitting in our skiff about forty meters in front of the cub with the salmon. Actually the guests were in the skiff I was sitting on the bow of the boat holding it in place on the river. The grizzlies did turn and cross the river to eat the salmon but also came back to catch several more while we watched from front row seats. The only time we got their attention was when I stood up to move the skiff away from their fishing area and the mother stopped and looked our way. I sat down and she went back to fishing. We are part of the background as long as we play by the rule – Do not move.

Some Grizzly Bears are Patient

Grizzly Bears all seem to have their own fishing style.  Often the larger, more mature bears are far more patient opting to let the calories come to them rather then run around burning calories in hopes of maybe catching a salmon.  This bear sat for two hours picking off the occasional pink salmon as it swam by.  Initially just due to the bears size we assumed it was a male.  After a “better look”, however we discovered that this is in fact a very healthy female Grizzly.


grizzly waiting



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It is possible to navigate the map using the arrows in the upper left corner and to zoom using the + or – signs as well as changing to a satellite view in the upper right corner of the map.