Grizzly Watching

Grizzly Bears are magnificent and the biggest reason visitors choose our lodge!

Grizzly bears thrive here and the viewing opportunities are spectacular. We have operated our Grizzly Bear Lodge for decades and know the prime spots for bear watching. The ultimate grizzly bear photo opportunities.

Grizzly Family

grizzly bear familyThis is to be a grizzly bear family that is together for it’s third summer. It is one of the cubs that caught the salmon the mother is on the right. Not sure what has her interest as we were sitting in our skiff about forty meters in front of the cub with the salmon. Actually the guests were in the skiff I was sitting on the bow of the boat holding it in place on the river. The grizzlies did turn and cross the river to eat the salmon but also came back to catch several more while we watched from front row seats. The only time we got their attention was when I stood up to move the skiff away from their fishing area and the mother stopped and looked our way. I sat down and she went back to fishing. We are part of the background as long as we play by the rule – Do not move.

Some Grizzly Bears are Patient

Grizzly Bears all seem to have their own fishing style.  Often the larger, more mature bears are far more patient opting to let the calories come to them rather then run around burning calories in hopes of maybe catching a salmon.  This bear sat for two hours picking off the occasional pink salmon as it swam by.  Initially just due to the bears size we assumed it was a male.  After a “better look”, however we discovered that this is in fact a very healthy female Grizzly.


grizzly waiting



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To view a map of the lodge’s area and the location of each day’s itinerary”

Look to the left and scroll the sidebars to “Categories” and select “Wildlife Tour Itinerary” It is possible to navigate the map using the arrows in the upper left corner and to zoom using the + or – signs as well as changing to a satellite view in the upper right corner of the map.


It is possible to navigate the map using the arrows in the upper left corner and to zoom using the + or – signs as well as changing to a satellite view in the upper right corner of the map.

Grizzly Bear Viewing Platforms

This is the Grizzly Bear viewing platform that we use from August 25 until the end of the season.  The maximum number of guests we are allowed to have in the platform is 5 and during our time it will only be guests from our lodge.  People have plenty of space to get some great views and photos of the bears as they look for salmon.  The viewing in this area is well managed, limiting the number of people and the times that we can view.  This allows guests to have great experiences viewing the bears, but also creates low stress levels for the bears as they go about their business.


Black Bear Climbing Skills

Black Bears are often seen in our area and are excellent climbers.  Unlike the Grizzly Bears they have short, sharp claws and can easily climb tress and move over harsh steep terrain.  This bear was spotted on the way up Knight Inlet on a steep rock face overlooking the water.

Bald Eagles Scavenging

bald eagles scavenging

In late August Grizzly Bear Lodge uses viewing platforms on the Glendale River for our grizzly bear watching trips. At this time the salmon are in the rivers and many of the eagles have left the open ocean and feeding on herring to the easier scavenging on salmon remains from a grizzly bear kill. Scavenging is the most energy efficient way for getting meal. It is a matter of sitting in a tree until one is hungry and then moving to the river bank to eat.

Interesting and Tempting?

grizzlies and deer grazing

The sedge grass is about a meter (yard) tall and with the rising water the grizzly bear is likely standing in water up to its belly. Footing along a river bank is quite slippery and more so in water while the deer is one leap from solid footing. But even on dry ground we frequently see grizzlies and black tailed deer feeding side by side. The chance of a grizzly bear catching deer is so low it is not worth wasting the energy trying.

A Very Rare Bear Photo

grizzly bear nurse three cubs

This photo provided by a guest is the only time I have seen a grizzly bear nursing in such an open area. Often they will be in the taller grass or in the driftwood up the beach where photos “suggest” that they are nursing. This is pretty clear and the guests know it was special as we reminded them often enough.

Grizzlies in the Water 1 of 2

grizzly bear swimming

It is not uncommon to have a grizzly bear swimming in the waters of Knight Inlet’s Glendale Cove where we do most of our grizzly bear tours. It is less common to have them enter the water and swim toward the boat and then along the shore. On this day the closeness was for a reason as will be seen in tomorrow’s post….

Morning Sun

Bald eagle sunning

It is common to see bald eagle with their wings out in the late morning a result of the early morning fog. The most energy efficient way to dry wings and warm up is to enjoy the sun from a nice perch. There are many mating pairs of eagles along our travel routes so be sure to remind your guides that you want some pictures. It does take time for a good picture with the right background and no branches to block the view.