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A wildlife photographer’s dream!

We offer fantastic bear and whale watching opportunities at Sailcone’s Grizzly Bear Lodge, your guests’ photos prove it!

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A Very Rare Bear Photo

grizzly bear nurse three cubs

This photo provided by a guest is the only time I have seen a grizzly bear nursing in such an open area. Often they will be in the taller grass or in the driftwood up the beach where photos “suggest” that they are nursing. This is pretty clear and the guests know it was special as we reminded them often enough.

Anette and family visit 7 of 7

whales in  knightsAnette’s final comment: “On the way back we met a humpback pair that swam around the boat at a distance of about 10 meters and diving just when they got along side of us.

The best wishes for the coming season. We’re quite a bit envious of this seasons clients!” It is not only the guest that miss Grizzly Bear Lodge at this time of the year the guides start thinking about the coming season and checking their gear to get ready for another summer of hard “work”. Again Anette “Thank You” for the great photos and comments it is always better if viewers get their information first hand from happy guest.



Anette and family visit 6 of 7

grizzly bears fishinggrizzly bears fishing

The first photo show two grizzlies approaching the stand from down river while the second has them looking for salmon from the river bank opposite or viewing site. Excellent pictures of grizzly bears that have learned to ignore us and get on with fattening for winter hibernation.

Anette and family visit 5 of 7

grizzly bear cub knight inletgrizzly watching guest

Anette’s comments continue: “The next day we went bear watching with Glenn and we saw about 15 grizzlies amongst those a cub that had got away from it’s mother (standing on its hind legs scouting). We’re sure it was reunited with the mother just 2 minutes after we lost sight….” September grizzly bear watching is on one of two platforms we use on Knight Inlets Glendale River. Our preferred stand has the natural river on one side where the cub is standing and the entrance to the spawning channel n the other. The second photo is of a grizzly that is directly below the platform maybe five meters away.

Anette and family visit 4 of 7

humpback breaching closehumpback pectoral slapping


Again the time stamp on the photos show that this breach was three minutes after the previous breach in yesterdays post and the pectoral fin slapping was just one minute after this second breach. Anette managed some incredible photos to save her memories.

Anette and family visit 3 of 7

humpback diving breaching humpback whale

….and with the young humpback that put on an hour long show of 5-6 breaches and countless tail and fin slaps just for us.” I remember this day as it was also memorable for me as I never tire of my time on the water. This humpback would take a deep dive and then breach almost as if on a schedule. If you notice the back ground hills it is the same from a different angle. I have the advantage of the time stamp that says these photos were taken with in the same minute.

Anette and family visit 2 of 7

sea lions restinglarge male sea lion

If I read the time stamps on the photos correctly after our time with the killer whales would have come a stop in Telegraph Cove to use the bathroom and stretch our legs. The length of time in the Cove is determined by the guests but in most cases it is short as the action is on the water. After leaving Telegraph we visit the Steller sea lion that spent some time in the area when migrating between California and Alaska. If you look closely to the left of the sea lions there is a bald eagle sitting in the tree drying it’s wings wet from the morning mist. Yesterday’s post continues tomorrow …..

Anette and family visit 1 of 7

large male orcaAnette’s visit was September 3, 2015 and she has sent us some first class photos of their time with us last season. She provides: “A little story to go with some of the pictures: We had a great day spotting whales with George. Our son Nicolas (12 at the time) summed it up when he exclaimed “This is the best day of my life”. At that time we had had a long day with lots of orcas, including the bull on the picture who chose to take his herd very close to the boat,……”

Guide’s delight 3 of 3

 humpback whale lunge feeding

This photo was NOT taken the same time as the previous two days posting. If I had seen whales I would not have gone that close to a herring ball. The point of locating a herring ball is to be “close by” when the humpback whales come to feed. “Close by” does not mean sitting on the herring ball as that would not be a comfortable or safe place to be located. This photo is thanks to Gary Wilson from Australia.

Whale Watching tour from the lodge

Grizzly bears are the “stars” of the lodge but time is spent looking for marine “wildlife” in the water off the East Coast of Vancouver Island. We normally manage to find eagles, orca, sealions, seals, dolphins, and humpback whales. All this and still time for a stop in Telegraph Cove to use the facilities and maybe grab a cup of hot chocolate or coffee.

Photos by 

Bruce & Carole Cripps 11-11