River Day

For those that want an adventure that goes a little more off the beaten path… to Trapper Rick’s!

Our optional extra day is truly extra-ordinary, please take a look below.

Grizzly Bear “Roy”

Roy is a male Grizzly Bear that we have commonly been seeing on our river trips.  It is very rewarding to recognize certain bears and watch their behaviour over a season, or several seasons for that matter.  Roy got his fair share of salmon and was looking fat and healthy by the end of the season.  All set for a good six months of hibernation.

Peek-A-Boo Grizzly Bear Waiting for Salmon

This particular Grizzly Bear was seen on our river trip and utilized the same spot for several weeks.  He was almost always there, although at times partially obscured by the large rocks at the bottom of the waterfall.  This spot was, however productive as the Grizzly would wait for salmon to leap the small falls and intercept them before they make it to the top and to the safety of the deeper water.  Patience is a virtue

Dolphins at a Distance

dolphins in Knight Inlet BC

When first noticing the white water created by a pod of pacific white-sided dolphins guest have a hard time wondering why we are changing directions suddenly. As we approach closer as in the above photo the cameras suddenly become very active. As with killer whales the “Whale Watching Guidelines” request that we do not approach closer than 100 meters (yards) but the dolphins seem to have their own ideas as will be shown in tomorrows post….

Black Bear Floating High

black bears swim between islands

If this was a picture from the spring there would not be much more than the bear’s head out of the water. As the season progresses and the bears put on more fat more of their back appears. Our viewing area is comprised of many islands so it is not unusual to find bears moving between islands.

Close Approach

This is the second photo that Rainer was kind enough to send to us





“VERY close approach, raising our pulse rates”

Seeing a Grizzly Bear on land is an experience that few people ever forget.  There is something special about being on the same level as these amazing animals in a safe, yet very much wild situation.

Rainer Beck, Bornheim, Germany

Grizzly Bear Patiently Waiting at the Falls

Thanks to Rainer and his wife Gabi who sent us a number of wonderful photos from their trip this year.  This one is taken at our river trip, where we were lucky to have some excellent bear sightings this year with lots of Coho salmon making their way upstream over the falls

Amalie in the River, waiting for salmon”




Rainer Beck, Bornheim, Germany


The Views at Sailcone Pt1

We are blessed with both great wildlife opportunities and some great scenery.  On the four night trip you get to go to the Kakweiken River and visit Trapper Rick’s cabin.  This is his view from the deck, complete with “Andy” the bear.

view at ricks

Bald Eagles Scavenging

bald eagles scavenging

In late August Grizzly Bear Lodge uses viewing platforms on the Glendale River for our grizzly bear watching trips. At this time the salmon are in the rivers and many of the eagles have left the open ocean and feeding on herring to the easier scavenging on salmon remains from a grizzly bear kill. Scavenging is the most energy efficient way for getting meal. It is a matter of sitting in a tree until one is hungry and then moving to the river bank to eat.