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The extra day and memories with“The Trapper”

The Trapper

If stay the extra night at our lodge the extra day is a river day spent at a “wild” river on a wilderness tour.  Crossing Knight Inlet we travel the length of Thompson Sound to the Kakweikan River and spend a day with The Trapper.  Rick has spent a good part of his life on this river and protects it with a passion.  Grizzly Bear Lodge is the only lodge in the area with access to this river.  The scenery on this part of BC’s mainland in breathtaking and the wildlife viewing provides a reasonable chance of grizzly bear sightings.  Bears are often seen below the falls at Rick’s cabin or on the road to the cabin. Seeing a grizzly bear at Rick’s is a different sensation than see one from a protected viewing stand on Knight Inlet’s Glendale River.  Maybe that is why Rick always has “Rosemarie” with him.  Who is “Rosemarie” that you will have to ask Rick?

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