Guide’s Sunrise at the Lodge

Sunrise at Grizzly Bear Lodge

Depending on the time of year the camp guides are up at either 6:00 or 6:30 to make the morning coffee and complete the setting of the breakfast table by putting out the “perishables”. The guests are called an hour later, which gives them an hour for breakfast as we like to be away from the dock by 8:30 in the spring and by 8:00 when we are going up river to the viewing platforms in the fall. A beautiful sunrise is not that common in camp, as we are located in a mini-climate created by Knight Inlet. This climate means that it is normally overcast by late evening and does not clear until about noon. The overcast and late clearing means that there are few sunrises and those that do happen require guests to be up with the guides. Depending on the time within your vacation this is not normally a problem because of the “jet lag”.