Grizzly Bears Up River

Grizzlies swimming

Grizzly bear tours from the lodge leave about eight o’clock in the morning and travel for an hour and a quarter up Knight Inlet. Once we reach Glendale Cove we transfer to a 5.5 meter (yard) skiff that has a shallow draft permitting us to move close to the shore and up the river. Once we are in the river your guide gets out of the boat and starts to pull it quietly up river in the shallow water. When we first see grizzlies we go to the riverbank to wait and to determine which direction the bears are moving. This was a photo I took with my small camera while waiting. When it was safe we moved up river much closer to the bears and the guests obtained some good photos but I was to busy for more of my own. When you are in the wafer it is not good to have a camera in you hands if you decide it is necessary to move the boat.