Grizzly missing salmon

grizzly snorkling
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Great photo of “the one that got away”. Grizzly bear watching from the viewing stands on Knight Inlet’s Glendale River takes place after August 24th. This photo was taken from the finger stand, which overlooks the holding pool where the salmon wait before going into the spawning channel. In this case the grizzly was about seven meters (21 feet) below the stand at the edge of the pool. The water at this point is about a meter and half (4-5 feet) deep and it is really hard to catch a salmon in deep water most of the fishing on this side of the stand is picking up dead or wounded salmon that have drifted into the pool.  The other side of the stand is the natural river, which offers better fish but not as easy catching. It appears that this bear was trying some river fishing techniques without much success.