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Too close

This was a late August trip to the Glendale River on Knight Inlet.  The tide was rising so we were up the river in the lodge’s eighteen-foot flat-bottomed skiff.  Using the skiff permits us to travel up the shallow river and gain closer access to the grizzly bears feeding on the sedge grass in the delta or estuary. On this day a “tourist boat” was anchored is the river mouth and they were up rive in their zodiack and much too close to the grizzly wanting to cross the river. We tried to get the zodiack to move back without much luck.  Fortunately the bears in the area accept the small boats as a fact of life and tend to ignore them but I prefer to give them a little more room.  The etiquette of grizzly bear watching is not to get so close that you prevent them from going where they want and behaving in a natural manner.