Grizzly Bear in deep water

Adult Grizzly Bear

Fall grizzly bear viewing from our lodge on Knight Inlet takes place on the Glendale River and a man made salmon spawning channel.  There are two viewing platforms next to the part of the river the salmon use to pass over a weir into the spawning channel.  The second stand we normally use has a deep pool on one side, the natural river on the other two sides leaving the forth for a narrow road.  This grizzly, in the deep pool, has it’s eye on us in the stand maybe because we made to much noise or just out of curiosity. At this time of the year a grizzly bears prime concern is food namely pink salmon.  Hibernation maybe a little more than two months away and this is the time to “bulk up” for the long winter.  A bear without sufficient fat may not survive the winter and in the case of a female it may mean that she will absorb her “eggs” and not proceed with a pregnancy.