A day with Trapper Rick

Hike to Trappers

The extra day in camp is spent with Trapper Rick. We cross Knight Inlet through Thompson Sound to the Kakweikan River, which is located on the BC mainland. We travel by road to the river near Rick’s cabin, cross the river by boat and a short hike to the cabin. The above photo shows part of the trail and no the guest is not walking on his own Rick is in front and I am bringing up the rear. Guests are always in the middle with a guide at either end. The photo below shows the view from the front of Rick’s cabin over looking the lower river and the pools were we will spend time waiting for and on most days watching grizzlies come to feed on the salmon. While on the Kakweikan River there is an opportunity to spin fish for salmon, to hike but most guest prefer to enjoy Rick’s company and listen to his many stories of trapping in the area.

Trapper Rick's scenery