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sleeping grizzly bearGet close to the action with our privileged access to special viewing stands. Explore the pristine natural world of British Columbia’s coastal grizzly bear.

Knight Inlet, British Columbia

This is the ideal location to see black bears, killer whales (orca), humpback whales, dolphins, stellar seals, sea lions and eagles.


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Grizzly bear watching? 2 of 2

Grizzly bear family fising Knight Inlet

The problem the grizzly is yesterday’s post has is the four bears in today’s. No bear except a large male wants to confront a mother grizzly bear with two cubs. And this was a five-year-old male who wanted time to think about its decision. Also in the photo is another large female but without cubs (head lower right corner). After about five minutes of pondering he entered the river and did some fishing but kept his distance from the other bears.

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