Grizzly Bear Tours & Rates

Our grizzly bear tours, whale watching and wildlife viewing tours offer spectacular opportunities.

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3 Night Package:

  • Low Season- July1 – July31 – $1890Cdn per person before taxes
  • Shoulder Season – May25 – June30/Aug1 – Aug24 – $2150Cdn per person before taxes
  • High Season – Aug25 – Oct15 – $2550Cdn per person before taxes
  • 2 nights at Lodge, 1 night in Campbell River

4 Night Package:

  • Low Season – July1 – July31 – $2590Cdn per person before taxes
  • Shoulder Season – May25 – June30/Aug1 – Aug24 – $2850Cdn per person before taxes
  • High Season – Aug25 – Oct15 – $3250Cdn per person before taxes
  • 3 nights at lodge, 1 night in Campbell River

Our prices are based on Double Occupancy. The Single Occupancy fee is an additional $400 Cdn before taxes

The last night off all of our packages is spent at one of our included Campbell River hotels or at Painters Lodge ($50pp extra)

Extra Day / Night

  • $650 Cdn per person.

We require a 40% deposit to secure your booking (fully refundable within 90 days of your arrival) and full payment due 30 days prior to your arrival

In 2019 we will be offering several photography based trips.  These will include our normal tours with an emphasis on photography, plus some extras with editing and instructional presentations in the evening.  The trips will be a minimum of four nights at the lodge and  a maximum of 4 guests per guide.  Tours will be guided by a trained photographer with extensive knowledge of the area.

Please inquire for more information.


Our Seasons

Low Season July1 – July31 – Grizzly Bear viewing is done primarily by boat in the estuary and lower river.  We enjoy a high success rate finding Grizzly Bears although number of bears tends to be a bit lower as the berries are ripening in the forest and the salmon have not yet arrived.  On a 4 night trip we explore another river area by truck and on foot.  By the last week of July there are usually salmon arriving in this river and we are sometimes lucky to watch the bears attempting to catch the early salmon.  Humpbacks are plentiful and the resident Orca usually show up in early July.  Weather is usually good with cloudy mornings and breezy sunny afternoons.

Shoulder Season – Aug 1 – Aug24 – Grizzly Bear viewing is done by boat in the estuary and lower river.  We view the bears feeding on shellfish and sedge grass.  Salmon are usually starting to arrive and we are often lucky to view the bears chasing fish in the lower river.  On a 4 night trip we explore another river by truck and on foot.  There are usually lots of salmon in this area at this time and we often are able to view bears feeding on them.  Humpback and Orca viewing is usually excellent.  Weather is good with foggy mornings and sunny afternoons being the norm.

High Season – Aug 25 – Oct15 – Grizzly viewing is primarily done from viewing platforms.  This is the time of year to view the grizzlies feeding heavily on the salmon.  Our upriver platforms are located in prime pink salmon spawning areas and bear numbers are usually excellent.  On the 4 night trip we explore another river area by truck and foot.  Bears are usually spread out, busy feeding on the plentiful salmon.  Humpback and Orca viewing is excellent, although the resident Orca generally leave the area by the end of September.  Weather in September is great.  By October things cool off and the weather becomes less reliable although this varies year to year.

These seasons are meant as a general guide to what you can expect during our different seasons.  Of course these are wild animals and conditions (weather, salmon numbers, berries, salmon timing, tides etc.) vary each year.  Regardless of the season and conditions at Sailcone’s Grizzly Bear Lodge we will strive to find the best viewing possible and leave a lasting positive impression of this wonderfully diverse area.


What’s Included

  • Float Plane Transportation to/from Campbell River to Our Lodge
  • Accommodation, including the last night at one of our included hotels in Campbell River, on Vancouver Island or at Painters’ Lodge [$40 pp extra].
  • Cruiser Suits – to keep you warm and dry.
  • Safari boats with guide, 2 to 4 guests per boat.
  • Delicious gourmet dinners and large picnic lunches

A 40% deposit is required to reserve your date. This is 100% refundable 90 days for more prior to booking dates.

Not Included

  • Taxes
  • Fishing License, if required.
  • Last Day Dinner in Campbell River.
  • ‘Cab fare from sea plane office to hotel, if required.
  • If you are needing further transportation booked, we can book flights from Vancouver to Campbell River for the cost of the flights plus a fee of $100.00.

Hotel in Campbell River

Your hotel will be the Anchor Inn, located by the ocean in South Campbell River. Painter’s and April Point Lodges are also available [add $40 CDN extra].

Please use this link to request Trip Availability and to receive our current brochure.

Grizzly Bear Tours and Lodge Packages

Our 3 Night Trip

  • An evening boat cruise for black bears on the afternoon of your arrival
  • A day viewing grizzly bears in Knight Inlet (Estuary viewing May 24-Aug 24), (River viewing stands Aug 25-Oct 15)
  • A day viewing sea mammals (Orca, Humpback Whale, Sea Lions, Dolphins etc)

Our 4 Night Trip

Includes an extra day spent exploring our wild river. Spawning salmon (Aug-Oct), walks through the rainforest and potential sightings of Grizzly and Black Bears. If river conditions are poor due to weather we will spend the day viewing grizzly bears in Knight Inlet instead.

If you’d like to add an optional day or two it often enhances the quality of your viewing and gives you time for a side trip or two. Serious photographers should plan at least one extra day.

  • Add 1 Night: 4 Night Trip includes Wildlife Wild River.
  • Add 2 Nights: 5 Night Trip includes 2 days at our Grizzly Bear river.
We reserve the right to change the schedule based on weather conditions and viewing quality.


Sailcone’s Grizzly Bear Lodge is a proud member of the Commercial Bear Viewing Association of British Columbia who helps to protect and develop sustainable bear viewing practices.  A small portion of your payment is contributed to the association to ensure a positive future for these amazing animals.

Sailcone’s Grizzly Bear Lodge is also a proud member of the North Island Marine Mammal Stewardship Association  who promotes conservation activities for marine mammals in our area

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Whale Watching Safair with Steller Sea lions

Steller sealions

If grizzly bears have a classic pose so do sea lions and Debbie Zygmunt has captured both: lying head down and sleeping or the up and alert lion pose.  Steller sea lions are common in Johnstone Strait especially in an area close to Telegraph Cove known as Stubbs Island.  As seen in the photos above and backed by “Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Adult females measure 2.3–2.9 m (7.5–9.5 ft) in length, with an average of 2.5 m (8.2 ft), and weigh 240–350 kg (530–770 lb), with an average of 263 kg (580 lb).[2][3] Males continue to grow until their secondary sexual traits appear in their fifth to eighth year. Males are slightly longer than the females; they grow to about 2.82–3.25 m (9.3–10.7 ft) long, with an average of 3 m (9.8 ft).[4] Males have much wider chests, necks and general forebody structure and weigh 450–1,120 kg (990–2,500 lb), with an average of 544 kg (1,200 lb).”Male sealion

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