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About Grizzly Bear Lodge

At Sailcone’s Grizzly Bear lodge our goal is to share the natural beauty and true wilderness that we are so fortunate to have at our doorstep. With the high pace and stresses of today we offer a chance to escape into the vastness of the Great Bear Rainforest. Our experienced crew will look after all your needs and show you some amazing wildlife and scenery. After our tours there is time to relax with an ocean view, enjoy a local paddle board, chat to staff about the rich wildlife and culture in the area or enjoy a good book on the front lawn. Our dinners are served family style and offer both mouthwatering west coast dining along with great chances for conversation with knowledgable staff and a small group of guests from all over the world.

Our crew works hard to ensure that you see the maximum amount of wildlife and that it is viewed in a respectful manner. We try to keep our impact as low as possible, enjoying the animals in their natural environments, going about their natural behaviours. We are trained and knowledgeable and enjoy educating guests on the habits of the animals, history, and culture of the area.

Grizzly Bear Lodge And Safari Amenities

dining at sailconeWe offer you a small comfortable lodge or cottage with friendly people to look after you. Our lodge is located in a prime location in Knight Inlet allowing us easy access to world class Grizzly Bear watching up Knight Inlet and excellent whale watching near the mouth of the inlet and into Johnstone Strait.  Our group sizes are small, creating a personal experience that larger lodges can not offer.  After a full day viewing wildlife our guests all sit down together for dinner and share stories from the day.  Choose your trip from late May through mid October.


sailcones lodgeMinstrel Island, where our lodge is located, is a small island on the edge of Knight Inlet. Not only does it have a colourful history but it is located perfectly for wildlife viewing – in the middle between the Grizzly river, our wild river and Johnstone Straits where the whales reside.  Our lodge is accessible only by float plane or boat.  We fly all of our guests in from Campbell River by float plane.  It is a short (half hour) flight with some great views along the way.See Location Map.


We use a covered 25′ cabin cruiser for our inlet trips.  It has a closed cabin and a heater for those cooler days with ample deck space for viewing outside.  We also use 17 ft speedboats for our whale watching trips.  Our whale watching trips are done on inside waters away from the ocean swell.  The open boats allow great 360 degree views and also have a retractable canopy to get out of the weather if need be.  All of our boats and Transport Canada Certified and have VHF radios, as well as backup motors and all the necessary safety equipment.  We supply you with sufficient equipment with any package that you choose. Boots, Suits, Rain Gear, Cooler Boxes are available at our lodge when needed.  Our guides average over 10 years of experience in the area and with a maximum of 5 guests per boat there is ample opportunity to have all of your questions answered.  All of our boats and crew are Transport Canada certified and we carry all required safety equipment.

There’s just one thing, Don’t forget your camera! A camera with a zoom lens and LOTS of film or digital storage space will insure that you capture tons of memories!

An adventure in BC’s Knight Inlet, on the Rain Forest Coast, that you will always remember.

Welcome to the wilderness adventure destination of your dreams!

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Bald Eagles

Bald Eagles are frequently sighted in our area. At times they can be seen in large numbers. This is usually where food supplies are high. For example this could be in areas with high concentrations of baitfish or along the rivers in the fall when the salmon are spawning. They are not migratory, but do move around with the food supply. As mentioned earlier when the salmon are spawning we often see many along the rivers, while there will be fewer along the coastline. With little need for camouflage their white head and tail feathers can be spotted easily. The female is slightly larger and her white head extends down a bit farther onto the body, but it is subtle. It takes these birds 4.5 – 5 years to acquire this unique plumage. As juveniles they are a brown colour. With exceptional eyesight and the ability to view 270 degrees they are understandably often seen in high perches and in trees near points and passageways.

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