Fishing Photos

There are huge fish in these waters!

We have many species of salmon as well as halibut and ling cod. Check out some of the catches below in our Fishing Photo Album.

If you’re interested in learning more about Fishing at Sailcone’s, click here to visit our fishing website focusing on all the fishing opportunities available in these coastal waters.

Salmon FishingOn the way to fish for salmonwaiting for the big fishHuge salmon caughtbeautiful morning to go fishingDSC_0625
chinook salmon

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    Humpback Whale Tail Fluke

    Humpback Whale tail

    Everything a humpback whale is about size. Length: up to 17 m (55 ft); Weight: up to 40,000 kg (88,000 lbs); A Large pectoral flipper, up to 1/3 length of body; and a tail fluke up to 5 m (15 ft) feet across.  It would be possible to lay two dolphins nose to nose across the tail fluke of an adult humpback whale. Over the past five years humpback whales sightings have increased from four or five a day to twelve to fifteen. Tail lobbing, lunge feeding and tail fluking are common. It does not matter how often you see that tail come out of the water it is amazing.



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