Fishing Photos

There are huge fish in these waters!

We have many species of salmon as well as halibut and ling cod. Check out some of the catches below in our Fishing Photo Album.

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Salmon FishingOn the way to fish for salmonwaiting for the big fishHuge salmon caughtbeautiful morning to go fishingDSC_0625583IMG_0073silcone7
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    Orca listening to hydrophone

    orca comong
    Click to enlarge then click again

    Although the weather does not look the best it was one of the most interesting experiences of my summer. It was a foggy morning and thus a challenge to find the orca but the whale watching companies work together and being the faster boat on the water we were able to find the orca first. As they came out of the fog we had a hydrophone in the water listening to their calls to help locate them.  Two orcas came very close to the boat and stayed on the surface as the calls came over the speaker. These two remained in position for several minutes and did not go back down until the calls stopped. Orcas are members of the dolphin family and at times their curiosity is amazing. Note: as normal the fog lifted by noon and we were able to enjoy an afternoon with humpback whales.

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