Fishing Photos

There are huge fish in these waters!

We have many species of salmon as well as halibut and ling cod. Check out some of the catches below in our Fishing Photo Album.

If you’re interested in learning more about Fishing at Sailcone’s, click here to visit our fishing website focusing on all the fishing opportunities available in these coastal waters.

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    Grizzly Bear Fishing – Florence and Ray 2

    dead salmon with a grizzly
    Click to enlarge then click again

    As I recall we had a good day on the viewing stands, which are, located an hour and fifteen-minute boat ride up Knight Inlet from the lodge. One grizzly spent most of the two hours we have on the stand directly below eating salmon. It did not bother to waste energy fishing rather it sat in the holding pool to the spawning channel and picked up salmon that drifted down stream. Many grizzly bears fish the spawning channel and wounded and dead salmon drift into the area of the stands making it an ideal area for less energetic bears to fish. If you look closely  this bear is surrounded by pink salmon.

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