Westcoast Dining

Gourmet Dining – lots of Dungeness crab, fresh local prawns, salmon, as well as vegetable and meat dishes.

crab at sailconeAt Grizzly Bear Lodge we have always taken pride in providing quality home cooked meals and premium dining for our visiting guests.  Local sea food and meat dishes, along with home made breads and desserts.  After a full day of wildlife viewing we all sit down together to enjoy a meal and discuss the days adventures.  Lunches are picnic style and are often held in some memorable locations.  It may be enjoyed while taking in the breathtaking views of Knight Inlet, up a remote wild river or in the boat while Humpback Whales feed around you.  Breakfast takes place before we depart in the morning with plenty of fresh baked muffins and bread and lots of tea and coffee.

If you require a special diet please let us know prior to your visit and we will be happy to look after you.

You will enjoy gourmet level meals and wonderful picnic lunches.

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    Humpback whales fluking

    whale diving
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    An excellent photo of the top of a humpback whales fluke. It clearly shows the scares left by barnacles as well as hole from an old injury. The whale watching tours from Grizzly Bear Lodge has viewed many more humpback whales this summer than in previous years. Viewing each year has improved from an average of four or five whale’s five years ago to twelve to fourteen whales this past summer. The abundance of herring (humpbacks main food) in the area men the whales are spending the summer s in our viewing area rather than traveling to their normal feeding grounds in Alaska.

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