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sleeping grizzly bearEnjoy intimate, personal viewing opportunities with our privileged access to prime viewing areas. Explore the pristine natural world of British Columbia’s coastal grizzly bear.

Knight Inlet, British Columbia

This is the ideal location to see black bears, killer whales (orca), humpback whales, dolphins, stellar seals, sea lions and eagles.


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    Stellar Sea Lions 1 of 2

    Sea lions close

    Steller sea lions range throughout the Pacific Rim (from northern California to Northern Honshu in Japan, and to the Bering Strait). About 70 percent of the Steller sea lion population reside in Alaska. They do not migrate like some pinnipeds, but they do move seasonally to different feeding and resting areas. Late May and early June as well as September and October seem to be the time of the year when there are more sea lions in our area. However over the past several years more have remained in the area all year.  In the water they do not seem that large but they are curious and often visit us as we watch them on shore (see tomorrows posting).



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