Fishing Photos

There are huge fish in these waters!

We have many species of salmon as well as halibut and ling cod. Check out some of the catches below in our Fishing Photo Album.

If you’re interested in learning more about Fishing at Sailcone’s, click here to visit our fishing website focusing on all the fishing opportunities available in these coastal waters.

Salmon FishingOn the way to fish for salmonwaiting for the big fishHuge salmon caughtbeautiful morning to go fishingDSC_0625583IMG_0073silcone7
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Grizzly Bear Siblings Playing

fighting grizzlies
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Grizzly bear cubs usually stay with their mothers until they emerge from the den in their third spring. By then they should have learned skills essential for survival on their own. This is still, it is a dangerous time for young, inexperienced bears without the protection of their mom and siblings will often stay together for a while, some even denning together the first post-mom winter. Grizzly bears are very playful—cubs treat their moms like a jungle gym. They also play endlessly with each other and even older siblings will still play together as this photo shows. It is common to view bears playing and if the photos were taken out of context one would think they were actually fighting.

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