First Evening Black Bear Tour 2 of 20

Tour boat riding

Arrival at the lodge: First is the assignment of room. Second snacks on the front deck made up of cheese and crackers; fresh prawns or dungeness crab; and drinks: coffee, tea, water or pop. While this is being consumed Angus will give a talk about the lodge and explain your itinerary. Third you are fitted with floater suites / survival suites which are designed to keep you warm and dry but hopefully never needed to keep you afloat. The boys in the boat are wearing these suites on the first evening black bear tour. This orientation trip to look for black bears, seals, bald eagles etc. depends on the tide. To find bears on the beach we need a beach thus the low tide requirement and because of this the trip may be before or after dinner. The boats are limited to four guests so this is a more personal tour than other lodges provide. Also there are normally on eight guest in the lodge.