Glendale River Knight Inlet BC

Pilings Glendale River BC

This is a scene of peace and serenity, the was picture taken by guest Debbie Zygmunt from the dock in the estuary of the Glendale River on Knight Inlet.  The grizzly bear tours leaving Grizzly Bear Lodge travel for about an hour up Knight Inlet to the Glendale. We spend the morning and part of the afternoon viewing grizzly bears in the estuary in the spring or on the river in the fall after the pink salmon have arrived.  A picnic lunch is served on the dock each tour at mid day.  The pilings in the picture are located near the end of the dock supported the original landing for a logging camp the was on the shore up until the nineteen fifties.  The shore opposite the dock has similar pilings from a salmon cannery that operated in the nineteen twenties.