Spring Grizzly Bears Grazing

Skinny spring grizzly bears

spring grizzly bears grazing










It was wonderful to see our very first bear in the wild even if they were very skinny, I’m guessing they’re much fatter now!” A comment from David and Drina on their photos taken June 16, 2015. And David is correct on both accounts the spring grizzly bears of Knight Inlet are skinny as their main food is the sedge grass that this bear is eating. It is a little early for the many berries that ripen later in June and July. Once they are ripe the grizzlies have access to black, huckle, thimble, salmon and salal berries to name a few. And of course the salmon are not in the rivers in any great number until late August. David is also right that this bear was in great shape to hibernate after the two months of September and October fattening on the salmon.