Grizzly Bear Tour Itinerary Overview

Please click the markers on the map to learn more about each destination on our wildlife adventure tours.

To view the location of the Fall “Viewing Platforms”:

To the left of the title “World of Grizzly Bear Lodge and Safari” click on the little “arrow” and then scroll down to the bottom and to the left of “Made with Google My Maps” click on the “Green Box”. This changes the map to the Google Earth / satellite View. Place your cursor over the “Blue Teardrop” to the right, the one near “Glendale Cove”.  Zoom in using your cursor or the “+” and keep the right end of “Tom Brown Lake” in the center of the page. Focus on the zig-zag man made spawning channel. As you get closer you will see a small weir / dam which regulates the salmon into the spawning channel. The stretch of water below the dam is the holding pool for the salmon. The roof of each viewing platforms is visible.  One is near the weir and one at the other end of the holding pool.