Grizzly Bear watching on the Glendale River – 5 of 7

eagle on the river
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On this grizzly tour Angus had taken guests to the viewing stands and my guests were on their second grizzly tour so after dropping Angus and guests at the landing we took the skiff up the river.  Moving slowly up the Glendale River as the tide was low (the picture posted on Feb. 7 were from the afternoon or high tide) and at time I was in waders and moving the boat by hand, which has the advantage of being very quite. There were many dead salmon along the edge of the river and bald eagles were enjoying a free meal. We came close to this eagle and watched it for about ten minutes, which gave me time to get out my small Pentax (an optio, 6.0 megapixels with three times optical zoom) I mention the details of the camera to show how close we were ….more tomorrow