Grizzly Bear tours in river estuary

river skiff for tours
Shore Click to enlarge then click again

The grizzly bear tours from the lodge require a one and a quarter hour boat ride up Knight Inlet to the Glendale River estuary.  In the spring and until August 24th viewing takes place along the shore and in the river estuary while after the 24th guests travel to the viewing stands further up the river. For both trips we tie up to a large float in the bay and transfer to an aluminum skiff to either go ashore for the ride up to the viewing stands or to view the grizzly bears along the shore or in the river. The skiff shown was made for the lodge to provide a safe and solid boat, which allows the guest to move about and take pictures. The spring tours will have a maximum of four guests in the boat leaving lots of room for camera equipment.  The shallow draft of the skiff makes it ideal for the guides, enabling them to pull it easily up the river as the tide rises. Yes waders are a required part of a guide’s “uniform”.