Grizzly Family Fishing

Grizzly bear triplets

This mother and her cubs had spent the better part of an hour fishing behind the viewing stands on the Glendale River. After August 25th we are permitted to travel by truck to the viewing stands, which are about a fifteen-minute ride from the dock where we moor our boat. The stands have the natural river on two sides and the entrance to a man-made spawning channel on the third. These bears were catching and eating salmon when they decided to move off into the surrounding area likely to nurse. Even though the cubs were eating salmon they will still nurse. “Grizzly bear cubs will nurse for up to three years. Depending on when a grizzly mother bear wants to wean her cubs, a decision often made when she decides it’s time to mate again, she will keep producing milk for up to three years. However, grizzly cubs begin eating solid food from an early age and can very quickly become not dependent on mama’s milk.” From the Get Bear Smart Society website