Guest comfort zone

Grizzly bear on a river

On this day we were moving up Knight Inlet’s Glendale River in the lodge’s flat bottom skiff. As normal your guide is in the water pulling the skiff quietly when some grizzlies appeared walking down river. We moved to the opposite side of the river leaving the wide gravel bar to the bears so they would have good passage. Rule one is if the bears look at you look down so not to be a challenge; two no sudden moves or load noises. Mostly common sense and yes pictures are OK. Distance to the grizzlies 15 to 20 meters (yards) and it is safe. One guest mentioned that this was close to the edge of his “comfort zone” but the key thing that you need to remember is the guides of Grizzly Bear Lodge have each been doing this for more than fifteen years and more important is that they also have families they want to see again.