Intersting Grizzly Encounter

Grizzly bear coming

Spring grizzly bear tours from the Lodge require an hour and quarter boat ride up Knight Inlet to the Glendale River. Arriving in the river estuary we tie to a float and transfer to a flat bottom skiff, which allows us to move along the shore and up the river in shallow water. As the tided rises and we move up river to view grizzlies digging for eatable roots, eating wild rice or sedge grasses. On both banks of the river is sedge grass that is over a meter (yard) high so when you are on the river below the top of the bank a grizzly can approach unseen. On this day the grizzly walked out of the grass it was probably startled by our presence. When we are in the river there is no motor rather it has “one guide power” meaning your guide is in the water pulling the skiff so it is quiet. Startled or not the bear did not stop or change directions but crossed the river about fifteen meters (yards) away as we did not even have time to back down river. The grizzly bears have accepted our presence and we are part of the background.  It is the guests who have the “comfort zone” that we occasionally cross.