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Humpback whalesSea lionsThe whale watching safari day requires a fifty-minute boat ride to the area of Johnstone Strait adjacent to Vancouver Island. Wildlife viewed normally includes black bear and eagles on the way to the Strait’s and seals, Steller sea lions, harbour porpoise, dall’s porpoise, dolphins, resident killer whales (orca), minke whales and humpback whales while in the viewing area.  Guest’s interests vary but humpback whales such as the mother and calf shown as well as the bull Steller sea lions are always favourites.  The whales spend the summer feeding in the area and it is common to see eight or more whales in a day feeding on the herring.  The Steller sea lion are more abundant in the early spring and fall as they pass through the area between California and Alaska, however for the past four years a couple of dozen sea lion have made this area their permanent summer residence.