Grizzly Bear cub wanting to share

grizzly bear examines salmon

Grizzly Bear Lodge normally uses the second viewing stand at Glendale River’s man made spawning channel. It is the more popular stand as it is located at the junction of the natural river and the channel leading to the weir at the mouth of the actual spawning area. On one side the bears are fishing in the river and the other in the holding pool were the salmon rest before going over the weir. In the case of this picture from James and Wendy from Australia a mother grizzly bear is considering sharing her catch with her two-year-old. The pool is ideal for the lazy grizzly that can just pick up the salmon that are wounded and have drifted from the weir about fifty yard up the channel.  The less energy expended chasing salmon the faster a grizzly adds fat and that is the only reason for fishing.  It is also a good area for the cubs to learn to fish, as nothing is more encouraging than success.