Glendale Cove and a rising tide

Grizzly bear and cubGrizzly & cub in sedge grass

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Time to come out of the water, playtime is over, need to head to higher ground as the beach disappears under the incoming tide.  The shore of the Glendale River estuary is an ideal place, at a low tide, to turn over rocks to find that mobile protein but as the tide comes in it becomes grazing time on the protein rich sedge grass.  As the tide comes in even more it is time to move up the shore into the river delta and higher ground.  And that is exactly what we do with our guests.  We travel up Knight Inlet is larger “speed boats” and once we reach the viewing area we transfer to shallow draft skiff about eighteen feet long and seven feet wide which makes it stable enough to walk around in and have no fear of rocking.  This skiff allows us to follow the grizzly bears up the river through the tall grass and pretend we are on the “African Queen”.