Shore break in Telegraph Cove

Boat full of guests
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Some day as much as I try I cannot avoid being in a photo.  There is a reason for showing this, as we do not have many photos taken in Telegraph Cove on Vancouver Island.  I was with the Edouard family from France when we stopped for our “bathroom break”.  Eight or so hours on the water during a whale watching days does call for a break and that normally means Telegraph Cove.  One can leave the boat and stretch your legs, use the facilities, purchase a coffee or hot chocolate (we have a good picnic lunch and soda pop on board), visit the shop or the whale museum.  The amount of time spent ashore is up to the guest someday’s it is an hour or two other days enough time to use the bathroom then we are off again to have lunch with the whales. As long as you remember I have been here before and would rather be on the water so the amount of time is your decision.