Interesting Guest Photos

dall's porpoise
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In my ten years of guiding for Grizzly Bear Lodge I believe this is the best photo I have seen of a dall porpoise. “Dall’s porpoises do not exhibit the typical shy and secretive behaviour typical of most other porpoises. They are very fast swimmers and can reach speeds of 55km/h, making them the fastest swimmers of all small cetaceans, at least for short bursts. They often swim in a zigzag pattern with fast, jerky, steep angled turns. It is this erratic swimming behaviour that makes them so easily identified.” A quote from the website which is hosted by two non-profit organizations dedicated to conserving whale, dolphin and porpoise species in their natural environment: Environmental Investigation Agency and Campaign Whale. This erratic behaviour is also what makes them so very hard to photograph and I must admit Tim O’Neil of Great Britain managed to obtain an excellent photo.