Extra day at Grizzly Bear Lodge

Trapper Rick's Lodge

If you choose the extra day in camp it is spent with Trapper Rick on a “wild river” that few people outside our guest get to view.  We cross Knight Inlet and travel through Thompson Sound to the Kakweikan River and spend a day on the river with Trapper Rick.  This river is located on the BC mainland and to view a map of the area of Rick’s river scroll down the sidebar on the left to “Pages” then to “Google Map of Grizzly Bear Lodge Itinerary”.  A picnic lunch (more like a full meal) is provided and normally eaten on the deck of Rick’s cabin. In this photo Rick has just finished demonstrating the setting of a box trap that he used to catch marten, a very effective and humane method of trapping. Rick is very passionate about his river and the guests always come back to the lodge with a greater appreciation of nature and what it takes to live as close to nature as Rick’s life style permits.