Extra Day at Grizzly Bear Lodge 2 of 2

grizzly and cub with salmonThis mother grizzly with the salmon and her cub are about 50 meters (yards) across the river acting natural – fishing. The guests most often comment that this experience is much different than viewing grizzlies on Knight Inlet’s Glendale River the location of our primary grizzly viewing. First is that you are not in a skiff on the river or a viewing stand overlooking the spawning channel. Your are sitting across a river from a grizzly and if it choose could cross the river. Second there is Rick who has spent close to thirty years with these bears. They know his voice and respond in a calm manner when they hear Rick talking to them. If they are walking up river to where you are sitting Rick will stand and start talking as we back off to another location. The bears do not turn and run rather they continue toward you to complete their task and you get to watch them fish.