Trapper at work

ricks talking

The extra day at Grizzly Bear Lodge is normally spent on the Kakweikan River with Trapper Rick. This is a “wild river” in that it is hard to access and only our lodge visits Rick while the scenery getting to the river and at the river is “magnificent” (quote from a guest). The day involves short hikes; salmon fishing on the river if interested, and time with Rick looking for grizzly bears. This day the guests were below the falls at Rick’s cabin watching a grizzly on the opposite side of the river. The grizzly bears come to this area to fish at the entrance to the salmon ladder that was built by the Department of Fishers about twenty-five years ago. It is a unique experience viewing grizzlies from the opposite shore of a river and not being in a viewing platform.  Rick known the bears in this valley and has a great deal of respect for them and safety over pictures is his rule.