Grizzly Bear watching on the Glendale River – 1 of 7

river tour boat
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As mentioned in the February 5th posting the tour to the grizzly bears leaves the lodge at 7:30 or 8:00 and starts with an hour and quarter boat ride up Knight Inlet. During this ride your guide is constantly looking for bald eagles, black bears, pacific white-sided dolphins, orca and once you are closer to the Glendale River grizzly bears appear along the shore. In the spring and early summer the grizzly viewing is along the shore of the Glendale River estuary while after August 24th is from the viewing stands on the River. Upon arriving at the River mouth we tie to a large float and transfer to a skiff to go ashore for the ride up to the viewing stands or to use the skiff to view grizzlies along the shore or up the river. The skiff shown above is about 2.5 meters (8 ft.) wide and almost 6 meters (18 ft.) long and designed to have a very shallow draft to permit river travel at low tides.

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