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grizzly bear tracks	fishing with grizzly bearsThere are grizzly bears on Rick’s river and we do view them on a regular basis. The trails we use to travel along the river are also used by the grizzlies as this photo shows. And if you look under Ricks left arm holding the salmon he is not carrying a camera in a shoulder holster.

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RIVER PHOTOGRAPHY time lapse photographySpecial effects make photography interesting. And it nice to be on a trip that allows the interest to be fulfilled. The schedules trips from Grizzly Bear Lodge are flexible. We like to be away from the lodge by 8:00 and back in time for rest before dinner. What happens in between those two times depends on the wildlife we find and the interest of the guests. Our boats a limited to four guests so it is not hard to achieve agreement to modify the days activities.

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trapeers ATVWild river salmon fishingOnce we arrive at the dock and meet Trapper Rick there is a twenty minute ride to the river crossing to Rick’s cabin. This may mean a truck or ATV and as you can see by the happy smiles on the ATV this was a good choice. Once we arrive at and cross the river there is a short walk to Rick’s cabin. Just below the cabin falls is a good location for those who are interested in fishing on the river. Or photography – see tomorrows….

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 Dolphins playing dolphin-propwashInteresting in the change of water colours from yesterdays photo but the time stamp on the photo says the first photo in today’s post was taken 6 minutes after the leaping dolphin in yesterdays post. And the second photo was taken in the morning two days later on a whale watching tour. Some guests are lucky and get two great dolphin shows. I have been guiding at the lodge for fifteen years and the dolphins still make the day special and from guest comments it seems that they agree.



This is a great site to visit to get a “guest eye view” of a trip to our lodge.

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Also: -if you search “You Tube” using the keyword SAILCONE you can view some videos from and about the lodge.

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To view a map of the lodge’s area and the location of each day’s itinerary”

Look to the left and scroll the sidebars to “Categories” and select “Wildlife Tour Itinerary” It is possible to navigate the map using the arrows in the upper left corner and to zoom using the + or – signs as well as changing to a satellite view in the upper right corner of the map.

It is possible to navigate the map using the arrows in the upper left corner and to zoom using the + or – signs as well as changing to a satellite view in the upper right corner of the map.

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knight inletAcrobatic dolphinsPeder, Ann and family’s stay at Grizzly Bear Lodge in July was for three nights and this meant a day with Trapper Rick on the remote Kakweikan River. On the forty-five minuter ride through Thompson Sound we occasionally encounter pacific white-sided dolphins and this may double the time to reach the river landing. As beautiful as the scenery on the ride may be, something is added by an acrobatic dolphin. More dolphins tomorrow…

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Knight Inlet sunriseThe photo time stamp says 6:16 am. And that means somebody was up before we were making coffee in the kitchen. In July the guides are up at 6:30 to make coffee and set the perishables on the table and then call the guests at 7:00 for an 8:00 departure. But depending on the “jet lag” some guests are up before the guides but we have yet to convince them to make the coffee.