Newsletter 2022

Greetings from Knight Inlet BC Whale and Grizzly Bear Watching country!

Well, the lodge is all put away for the winter and the cold weather has arrived.  Temperatures at the moment are below zero, with some chilly winds in the Inlet.  After a very dry fall our rains did finally arrive, which helped the fish spawning in the river systems.  It was a good run of salmon this season and we are confident that the majority of the bears were able to put on the necessary weight for hibernation.

There are still a few Humpbacks around.  Although they are migrating to their breeding and calving waters it is not done all at the same time.  Although less abundant during the winter months Humpbacks can be spotted in our waters 12 months of the year.  The Biggs (marine mammal feeding) Orca are making their rounds and there are still good numbers of Sea Lions and Sea Otters in the strait.  I try to get out on the water during the winter months, although with the unpredictable weather it is much less frequent.

Molly is back at University in Victoria and Melinda is working at a ski resort in the interior of British Columbia.  Felix is off to Kenya to continue his photography.  We look forward to having them back next season.  I live in Port Hardy and make it up to the lodge when I can.  As the weather improves in the spring it will be time to head back up and get prepped for next season.  Thanks to everyone for making this post covid season a great one.


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