Grizzly Fishing Techniques 4 of 4

salmon in the Glendale River

This photo was taken about fifty meters (yards) down river from where the grizzly bears in yesterday’s post where standing. The water is a little deeper so fishing is harder but other grizzlies were managing to catch salmon. It is all in the technique and depends on the hunger of the grizzly.

Grizzly Fishing Techniques 3 of 4

grizzlies wait for salmon

This is the wait and they will come technique. After August 24th the grizzly bear watching is from a platform up the Glendale River. At this location the grizzlies pick off the salmon as the approach the weir into the spawning channel. These bears spent most of the morning waiting for the salmon to move up river rather than moving down to the salmon. See tomorrow….

Grizzly Fishing Techniques 1 of 4

grizzly in the water after salmon

Each grizzly grizzly bear has it’s own technique for catching salmon and this appeared to be the least successful, at first. We came around a bend in the river to see this young grizzly slashing through the water and thought that it would be fun to watch not expecting much catching. We were wrong, see tomorrow…