For The Birds Pt1

The Bald Eagle is a very prominent bird in our area.  It takes them approximately 5 years to get their white head and white tail feathers.  Before that they are a drab brown colour and often look larger then their adult counterparts because of their “poofy plumage.”  The eagles mate for life and it is very hard to tell male from female, although the female is usually larger.  We see them on all our tours both in Johnstone Strait and Knight Inlet.

Humpback Trying to Shake Off Dolphins

This is a picture of the Humpback Whale known as Guardian breeching in Queen Charlotte Strait.  What you can’t tell from the picture is that there is a group of Pacific White Sided Dolphins harassing her.  Both dolphins and Sea Lions have been know to pester Humpbacks and Resident (fish eating) Orca.  Why they do this is still up for debate.  She did several breeches and tail slaps in an effort to shake the annoying dolphins.

Grizzlies Snoozing

Guests often ask me what a bear does all day.  Well for the most part it is quite simple.  They eat, then they sleep, then they eat again.  Bears often have what are called day beds.  These are areas near their food source where they routinely curl up for a nap.  These bed areas move as the bears move in search of food.  These two sub-adult grizzlies are content to use the overhanging logs for a nap.

Black Bear Cub Standing

Thanks to Warren for this picture of a black bear cub standing.  Bears are curious animals and rely on their acute sense of smell.  Often bears will stand up to get a better look and more importantly a better sniff of what’s around them.

black bear

Bald Eagle Taking Off

Thanks to Julie for giving us this three part picture of a bald eagle taking flight.  They truly are a beautiful bird and we are lucky to have such a healthy population in our area.  Guides often joke “we only point out the first twenty”

Glendale River Estuary Grizzly Viewing

In the spring and early summer all of our Grizzly Bear watching is done by boat in Knight Inlet.  Most of Knight Inlet is very steep, but where the rivers enter you often have lower sloped, shallow estuaries which are rich in food.  These are the areas that the Grizzly Bears tend to congregate in.

Black Bear Feeding

As a guide at Sailcone’s Grizzly Bear Lodge we are always keeping our eyes open for Black Bears feeding along the beach.  This is especially common at low tide when the mussel and barnacle covered rocks are exposed.  This particular bear has wandered down a log and is feeding on small mussels.

black bear