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Bald Eagle Swooping In

Eagles are a common sighting around the lodge and on our tours. They eat a variety of foods, but are often sighted. looking for schooling fish such as herring and will frequent the salmon rivers when the fish are running. They mate for life an it is not unusual to see a mating pair. They are hard to distinguish on their own, but when side by side the female is slightly larger and the white feathers on her head tend to come down a bit lower on the neck. With their 5-6′ wingspan they are always impressive when they come down to the water in search of food.

Our “Big Red Suits”

Often the first pictures of the trip at Sailcone’s Grizzly Bear Lodge are of the guests in their big red suits.  Although they don’t make much of a fashion statement they are very warm and most guests are glad that they have them, especially on those chilly mornings.

The Views at Sailcone Pt1

We are blessed with both great wildlife opportunities and some great scenery.  On the four night trip you get to go to the Kakweiken River and visit Trapper Rick’s cabin.  This is his view from the deck, complete with “Andy” the bear.

view at ricks

Our Staff

Our crew has been with us for an average of over 10 years.  We have witnessed a huge increase in interest in wildlife viewing over the past years and have been fortunate to see some amazing success stories, with increased numbers of Grizzly Bears and Humpback Whales in our area.  I’m on the left pulling the boat in at the lodge, and my brother cam is on the right at telegraph cove, stretching the legs after a morning of whale watching.

All photos: Rainer Beck, Bornheim, Germany

Views from the Lodge

grizzly bear lodge

This is another photo taken right from the deck at Sailcone’s Grizzly Bear Lodge.  We spend a lot of time out in Knight Inlet and Johnstone Strait looking for bears and whales.  After a busy day viewing wildlife it is nice to head back to the lodge and take in the views.


Float Plane Trip to the Lodge

Your adventure actually begins even before you arrive at the lodge.  All of our guests fly in via floatplane from Campbell River on Vancouver Island.  It is a scenic 40 minute flight over countless islands and channels that dot the southern section of the Great Bear Rainforest.  The planes land on the water and park at the lodge’s dock.  No long lines at customs to deal with here!

Sometimes the Wildlife Comes to Us

humpback in fron of Grizzly Bear LodgeThis is a picture of a Humpback Whale.  We see Humpbacks quite often, so that in itself is not unusual.  What is unique about this picture is that it is taken from the front deck at the lodge cruising by only a few meters from the beach.  Sometimes it pays to stay put.