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Orca Behaviour Pt1

Orca are highly intelligent and incredibly sociable animals.  There behaviour varies day to day.  They are often travelling, foraging and resting, but they do take time for play and socializing as well.  This whale is basically standing on his head and doing a little bit of “tail lobbing”.

Grizzly Bear “Roy”

Roy is a male Grizzly Bear that we have commonly been seeing on our river trips.  It is very rewarding to recognize certain bears and watch their behaviour over a season, or several seasons for that matter.  Roy got his fair share of salmon and was looking fat and healthy by the end of the season.  All set for a good six months of hibernation.

Orca Resting Line

These Orca are resting in the waters of Johnstone Strait.  Whales are voluntary breathers, which means unlike us they have to think about every breathe that they take.  When whales rest they shut down half of their brain and close the opposite eye.  They reverse this process, so that both sides of their body is able to rest.  This lets the animal rest, but also breathe and watch for danger.